In today’s episode of the Inspiration2grow podcast I am talking about injecting more mindfulness into our daily lives.  Many people strive to become more mindful of people, situations, things in their lives and I would like to give you some inspiration to incorporate a simple mindfulness practice into your routine.

We live in a fast-paced world in which it is quite easy and almost inevitable not to get caught up in the daily hustle and bustle, losing sight of what truly matters to us.

We are constantly distracted by work, family, school, friends, responsibilities so our minds are often preoccupied.  The demands for our attention are high every day.

By introducing some easy mindfulness practices into our daily routine, we can establish a sense of balance and feel more at ease within ourselves. Mindfulness habits can help improve your life.

Finding flow in a world full of distractions takes some work. It involves staying in the present (without judgment), so you concentrate on what is happening here and now versus focusing on the past or future.

Mindfulness practices have been around for centuries but more recently they have been implemented by many as a means to manage stress and increase your overall feeling of well being.

They are best described as small, intentional actions practiced daily to instill more awareness and become more mindful of our lives.

It could be taking a few deep breaths or mediation to journalling to getting some fresh air.  These habits are wide ranging and can be simple or structured.

The main point of mindfulness is to be present and attentive in each moment rather than letting your mind wander or become distracted.  It’s about paying attention to your thoughts and feelings in a non-judgemental way.

Yoga is a prime example of mindfulness, so is deep breathing (Episode 35 of this podcast was all about breathwork and introduced 2 techniques).
Mindfulness can have several pillars but today I’d like to mention three of the foundational elements:

-> Intention
-> Attention
-> Attitude

Having intention refers to the purpose or goal behind the practice.  Living intentionally is all about being fully present in the moment, not dwelling on the past or fretting about the future.  This allows for more clarity, purpose and direction for you and your life.

Paying attention is the ability to focus on the present moment, being aware of your responses to people and circumstances and then responding with openness and curiosity.  It’s about remaining neutral, not getting caught up in your thoughts and emotions.

Attitude refers to the mindset and approach you display during the practice of mindfulness.  Adopting a non-judgemental and accepting attitude to your thoughts and feelings is what we want to achieve.

But it is also about being open to whatever arises, even if it is uncomfortable or difficult.  Developing a positive and compassionate attitude will help you adopt a gentler approach to yourself and your life.

Living life with calmness and acceptance is the goal and definitely worth the pursuit.

Research has shown mindfulness practices to reduce stress and anxiety levels, improve sleep quality and reduce blood pressure.

Okay, so I hope to have convinced you that mindful habits are super beneficial, but how do you start?

1.        Start small
This is always the common theme when starting a new habit -> begin with small, achievable habits that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine.  This could be as simple as taking a few deep breaths at the very start of your day.  Referring back to episode 35 – I went over 2 breathing methods: the 6-2-8 technique as well as the 5 by 5 box.  Those are great to start with.
The point here is to set aside a few minutes a day to be mindful.  If you stay to the end, I will give you lots of jumping off points for mindfulness practices.
2.       Be consistent
I sound like a broken record all the time because consistency comes up every time I am talking about goals, habits, fitness, – you name it -> consistency is the key when it comes to introducing new habits of any kind.
It is very helpful to practice your chosen habits at the same time each day making it a non-negotiable part of your regular routine.  This helps form the habit and automates it.  Soon it will be effortless.
3.       Be patient with yourself
It takes time to develop a habit and it is no different when incorporating mindful habits into your life.  It is normal and human to experience setbacks and challenges along the way.  Just be patient with yourself and don’t be quick to judge yourself if immediate results are not seen.
Stay positive about the small steps you are taking and be present in the moment enjoying the journey rather than focusing on the end destination.
4.       Find what works best for you

We are all individuals, so you’ll have to take some time to experiment with different habits and practices that speak to you.  Be open-minded to trying new things. Stay flexible and don’t be afraid to tweak your habits over time in order to meet your needs and goals.
20 Easy Mindful Habits You Can Start Today (divided into 3 categories: mind, body, soul)

For your body:

1.        Go for a walk or spend some time in nature.  Connect with the world around you.
2.        Eat a healthy and balanced diet to nourish your body and mind.
3.        Exercise or engage in physical activity to boost your mood and energy.
4.        Get enough sleep to help feel rested and rejuvenated. 
5.        Be intentional when exercising.  Have a goal in mind and focus on the muscles you are working.   Feel your body and notice how strong it is getting.
6.       Make time for relaxation and relaxation techniques such as deep breathing or progressive muscle relaxation.

For your mind:

7.       Take a few deep breaths to help calm and center your mind.
8.       Introduce regular breaks and give yourself permission to relax and unwind.
9.       Spend time on hobbies or activities that bring you a sense of joy and fulfilment.
10.   Practice self-care by taking time to nourish your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.
11.   Be present in the moment rather than worrying about the past or the future.
12.   Set boundaries and say no when necessary to protect your time and energy.
13.   Engage in creative activities like drawing, painting, or writing to stimulate your mind and unleash your creativity.
14.   Seek out new experiences and try new things to broaden your mind and your horizon.

For your soul:

15.   Spend time with loved ones and engage in activities that bring you joy and connection.
16.   Practice random acts of kindness and compassion toward yourself and others.
17.   Engage in creative activities like drawing, painting, or writing to stimulate your mind and unleash your creativity.
18.   Practice gratitude by giving thanks for all the small and big things in your life. Write down 3 things you are thankful for each day.
19.   Create a journalling practice.  Episode 36 dives into this topic and provides inspiration.
20.   Engage in acts of service or get involved in some volunteer work to help others and find your purpose.
So, there you have it… 20 wonderful ways of injecting a bit of mindfulness into your every day and finding the calmness and peace of mind you need and deserve.

I would also like to invite you to become part of the Inspiration2grow community on Facebook.  The group name is: Inspiration2grow for Female Goal-getters.  It is meant to be a community of like-minded women who want to grow strong from the inside out.  There will be daily journalling prompts, nutrition and fitness tips, exercises to try, encouraging conversations among the community and lots more.  So, be sure to join this group for support, new ideas and the necessary rocket fuel to propel your health and wellness to new heights.

You owe it to yourself to take care of yourself, show up for yourself and become the best version of YOU.

In case you haven’t heard it yet today, let me be the first to tell you…

You are incredible, capable and your potential is limitless.  Never forget that I believe in you 100%.  Now, go out there and show the world what you are truly made of.

Thanks for listening and I hope to have inspired you to grow.

Til next time,
Lisa xoxo



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