Raw & Real Talk with Samantha Fox Olson – Let Your SOUL Goals Guide You

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Raw & Real Talk with Guest – Samantha Fox Olson, a supporter of women on their weight loss journey and fitness professional for over 32 years.  She is the founder of: FitGoddessBody.com and iLoveYogaandFitness.com specifically for females who want to embody the vibrant energy within themselves.

In today’s episode Lisa and Samantha talked about the importance of building muscle, soul goals, dance moves that can get you motivated, overcoming feelings of self-judgement and much more.  This show is absolutely loaded with inspiration, soulful moments, heartfelt messages to women who sometimes doubt themselves.  

Notable Quotes from today:
“Let dance and music make you feel playful and youthful.” ~Samantha Fox Olson
“When we feel nurtured and taken care of (by ourselves), we can take our power back and pour from a fuller cup.” ~Samantha
“We must listen to what lights us up and turns us on.” ~Samantha

Top 3 Golden Nuggets:
1. Ask yourself: Will this action help me get out of my head and into my heart?
2. Break out a dance moment of movement and flow to feel: sassy, sexy, sensual and silly.
3. Your body is a gift full of potential.

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