Getting Fit & Healthy is a Lifestyle – Raw & Real Talk with Karen Fehr


In today’s episode Lisa talks with Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor Extraordinaire, Karen Fehr.  They discuss many aspects of fitness and health as they pertain to women.  As a spin instructor, Karen describes the benefits of spin classes for those who have yet to try these trendy group cycling classes.  They also talk about health and fitness as a lifestyle anyone can choose. Karen states her #1 goal is to educate her clients and she certainly provides lots of education for listeners in this episode.

Karen Fehr’s contact:
Notable Quotes from today:
“The toughest part is just getting in the door at the gym.” ~Karen Fehr
“Confidence translates into frequency and comfort at the gym.”
“When it comes to diets, too many rules and restrictions won’t work.”
Top 3 Golden Nuggets:
1. Strength training is one of the best things women can do for themselves.
2. See getting fit and healthy more as a lifestyle than an end destination or finish line you want to cross.
3. Endomorphins (happy hormones) are released when we workout; that’s why we feel so amazing after a workout and it keeps you coming back for more.
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