The Benefits of Yoga – Raw & Real Talk with Mariam Fares


In today’s episode Lisa interviews Mariam Fares, a yoga facilitator and wellness coach.  Their chat goes far beyond the benefits of yoga, though. During the interview Lisa and Mariam chat about being content, the power of breathwork, life as a homesteader, being happy, survival skills, and much more.

Notable Quotes from today:

“If you breathe, you can do yoga.” ~Mariam Fares
“Stop, drop and tune in. Go do that THING that lights you up, that your soul deeply desires.” ~ Mariam F
“Moving through passive, restorative poses in yoga helps me connect with my breath and brings me back to the moment.” ~ Mariam F

Top 3 Golden Nuggets:

1.  Happiness lives within each of us.  Why are you looking elsewhere to find it?
2.  Yoga is all about creating body awareness and connecting to the NOW, the present moment.
3.  One of the most powerful tools we all have access to is our breath, our breathing.

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