How to De-Clutter Your Mind – 9 Tips That Will Help


Today I am talking about de-cluttering the mind, which is one of the topics Michelle Williams and I covered in yesterday’s podcast.  While Michelle explained it very well and provided some helpful advice on de-cluttering, I just felt this is a topic that I would like to dive a bit deeper into.

Your brain may be waving a big, red flag at you begging you to free up some headspace, create a clean slate and eliminate the chaotic mess your mental state finds itself in.  If you feel like your brain is in overdrive most of the time, you know exactly what I am talking about.

“Just like your pantry or your closet full of clothes, your mind needs to be de-cluttered regularly.”  Lisa Oberbichler

By getting rid of all the non-essential mental baggage we can stay focused, motivated and more productive.

And…it is important to let go of all the negative thoughts and emotions that make you feel bogged down from time to time.  By eliminating unnecessary thoughts, fears and concerns, this will help to reduce stress, boost your self-esteem and free up mental space for other more positive things in your life.

It’s Tangible Tuesday and I’d like to provide you with some very effective ways you can implement TODAY to start the de-cluttering process in your mind.

1. Identify the Source of Your Stress

Before you can declutter your mind, it is important to identify the source of your stress. Ask yourself: What is causing me to feel overwhelmed? Is it a job, a relationship, a project, or something else? Once you identify the source of your stress, you can take steps to address it. For example, if it is a job, you may need to find a more suitable position or ask for help from colleagues. If it is a personal relationship, you may need to make changes to the relationship or find healthier ways to cope with stress.

2. Develop a Mindful Practice

Mindfulness is a powerful tool for decluttering the mind. It is a state of being aware of the present moment without judgment or attachment. Mindfulness can help quiet the mental chatter, allowing you to observe your thoughts without getting caught up in them. Practices such as meditation, yoga, and tai chi can help you develop a mindful practice and find greater clarity and peace of mind.

3. Prioritize Your Tasks

When your to-do list is overflowing, it can be difficult to focus on the tasks that are most important. To declutter your mind, take some time to prioritize your tasks. Start with the most important tasks, and break them down into manageable chunks. This will help you stay focused and organized, and it will also help reduce stress. Famous American poet Bill Copeland had rightly said, “The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.” Prioritizing is a great way to proactively take charge of your life.

4. Practice Self-Care

Self-care is an important part of decluttering the mind. Take time out of your day to do something that makes you feel relaxed and happy. This could be anything from reading a book to going for a walk. Practicing regular self-care can help clear your mind and reduce stress.

5. Breathe

Take a deep breath. Pause. Exhale slowly. Repeat. How does it feel? Great, right? Deep breathing is a simple yet effective technique to clear your mind, induce tranquility and elevate your mood instantly. It lowers the heart rate and blood pressure and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which helps your body relax. Other than being a stress-reliever, breathing exercises also promote concentration and strengthen your immunity system.

6. Limit Your Digital Consumption

Social media, emails, and text messages can add to mental clutter. Try to limit your digital consumption by setting boundaries and taking breaks. For example, turn off notifications, or only check your emails at certain times during the day. This will help you stay focused and prevent your mind from becoming overwhelmed. Limiting the amount of information you consume is necessary to get rid of all that media-related clutter from your mind.

7. Learn to Let Go

Life can be unpredictable, and it is important to learn to let go of the things that are outside of your control. This can be difficult, especially when it comes to relationships or personal goals. However, it is important to remember that you cannot control everything. Let go of the things you cannot control, and focus your attention on the things that are within your power.  “Accept yourself, love yourself, and keep moving forward. If you want to fly, you have to give up what weighs you down,” Roy T. Bennett 

8. Take Some Time To Unwind

Last but not the least, take a break! Your brain needs to rest and recharge in order to perform smoothly. So, switch off your phones and laptops and do something that makes you feel happy. Whether it’s a long nap or a walk in the park.

9. Be Decisive

Here’s a thought to ponder…
Clutter (of the mind) is simply delayed decisions.

When you constantly put off making decisions, your brain becomes overwhelmed by all the clutter that’s created by those pending decisions. So, stop procrastinating and make that call. Whether it’s about the house you want to buy or that email you’ve been avoiding for so long. For simple decisions, carefully evaluate the pros and cons and don’t look back once you’ve made up your mind. 

Decluttering your mind can be a difficult process, but it is worth the effort. By following these steps, you can create clarity and peace of mind and find greater balance in your life. And, that’s a wrap for today’s show, friends.

My hope is that you start to implement some of the ideas, tips and strategies that I talk about and I would love to know which ones have been beneficial for you personally.

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.And remember…
You owe it to yourself to take care of yourself, show up for yourself and become the best version of YOU.
In case you haven’t heard it yet today, let me be the first to tell you…
You are incredible, capable and your potential is limitless.  Never forget that I believe in you 100%.  Now, go out there and show the world what you are truly made of.
I hope to have inspired you to grow.
Til next time,
Lisa  xoxo



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