Never Quit on Yourself Again


In today’s episode of the Inspiration2Grow podcast I am going to change your mind about quitting.

People who quit too soon are abundant.  They quit before even giving themselves the chance to be great.

Greatness does not come to quitters.  It’s high time to change your mindset so you can learn how to stop being a quitter!

Why do people quit?  There is a myriad of reasons, but let me boil it down to 5 basic reasons:

They experience a lack of desire, they have a results vs. process-based mindset, they set unrealistic deadlines or unattainable goals, or they listen and place too much value on other people’s opinions.

Quitting leads to temporary satisfaction (i.e. giving up on your diet plan) in exchange for long term pain.

So, the why is clear and now we’re going to do something to help you see your goals and intentions through without quitting on yourself again.

1.     Have a strong desire for your goal
Desire for the task will make or break you.  A person without desire will constantly need motivation and encouragement.

But a person driven by desire…
Desire serves as the bridge between your idea & manifestation.  So, you need to spark desire.

How?  You find your WHY.

You’ve heard me talk about this in previous episodes.  Never jump into the ‘what’ of you goal without defining your ‘why’.

If you don’t narrow down why you are doing it, the ‘it’ will feel too much like work.  As humans, we don’t respond well to things that we perceive as work, unfortunately.

Finding your ‘why’ allows you to view ‘work’ as ‘play’.  This hack allows you to think of the big picture and engage your emotions in the process.

So, from the very beginning, sharpen your ‘why’ and be able to express it in one sentence.  You can always revisit it and tweak and refine it later on.  But do your best to narrow it down.
2.    Focus on the process, not results
We were and are (still) brought up to focus on the results over the process thanks to our school system.  We were only rewarded for the marks we got, as opposed to the studying and effort we put into an exam.

We really need to change our mindset in this regard.

Focusing on the end result causes you to rush toward the finish line and not relish the in-between (moments of small wins and joy).  Keep results in the back of your mind.

Instead, focus on the NOW, be present and place your focus on improving.  Your journey will be that much more fulfilling.
3.    Break your goals down
A brick wall is made by adding one brick at a time. 

In life, we have big goals and micro goals along the way. If you focus on the big goal (the wall in my analogy), then you’ll feel terribly overwhelmed.

But…if you focus on the micro goals (the bricks), then you’ll feel confident.

I encourage you to learn how to break your goals down into micro goals and aim to accomplish the larger task one brick at a time. 
4.    Track your results

What gets tracked, gets improved.

It’s interesting that people just skip over this step and then wonder why they aren’t improving.  It’s difficult to learn how to stop being a quitter and end that cycle once and for all, when you lack any tangible metrics.

Execution is awesome and that’ what we want to see.  However, tracking allows you to work with purpose every time you begin working toward a goal.

And the more you track, the more your subconscious mind makes adjustments to bring you the results that you desire.

So, be sure to set up a tracking system.  It needn’t be complicated or elaborate, something simple will suffice.

5.    Set deadlines

Deadlines bring a sense of urgency into your world. 

And keep this in mind, ALWAYS have a scarcity mindset towards time.  One second lost is one second that will never be returned to you again.  This is the reason why it’s imperative for you to start taking your time much more seriously.

Setting deadlines allows you to value your time and make the most out of every second.  In addition, you feel more accountable in the process.

6.    Learn to rest, not quit

This is a skill you have to learn on it own and a major key in the entire process because a lot of people quit due to feeling burnt out from working non-stop, relentlessly toward their goal.

They view resting as something ludicrous, ridiculous and not what they need…until their body refuses to comply with their demands.

This is why resting is absolutely crucial.

Earn your rest by putting in the necessary work (on your goal), then unwind and do so without regret.

7.    Become tone deaf to other people’s opinions

There will be people along the way that try to hold you back from chasing your goals and dreams.

People, perhaps relatives or close friends, might try to distract you from focusing on your goals.  They might say you’re crazy to dedicate so much time to the thing you’re going after.
Stick to your guns.  Follow your desired path.  Revisit your why when you feel tempted.  Whatever you do, stay focused on your goal.

Other people may not approve of your level-up journey, but who cares?  You certainly don’t live your life to please them.

This may be hard, but, if necessary, cut ties with the people who don’t support your efforts and goals.  And this brings me right into the next point…

8.     Surround yourself with winners

When you surround yourself with goal-getters like yourself, winners and people who are hungry to chase down their dreams, quitting is not even a thought.  Their moves and behaviours will undoubtedly rub off on you.  You will be much more focused and determined, almost through osmosis.

These people you choose to be around will have a huge influence on your future.
“You are the sum of the 5 people you spend time with.”

So, avoid spending time with those who are staying stagnant in their life, the ones with no goals or ambitions and find winners to spend more time with.

                Life changes when you stop quitting

Every success both personally and professionally that I have experienced in my life was due to me working hard on my goals.

Luck finds people who are moving forward, working with purpose and showing up for themselves, putting in the necessary work EVERY.DAMN.DAY.

If you apply these tips 1 – 8, then quitting will become a joke to you. 

You will finally understand that goal chasing is one of the most fulfilling acts out there and available to you right now.

Shift and fix your mindset regarding quitting and levelling up becomes much easier and accessible for you. Remember this… your goals is waiting to be reached once you have mastered how to stop being a quitter.
I hope to have inspired you to grow.

Til next time,




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