Mindset is Everything -Part 2 Interview with Michelle Williams

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Today we are welcoming back Michelle Williams, who is the founder of ‘Your Time To Shine’, Life Coach, blogger and fitness enthusiast.  In Part 1, Episode 86, we discuss how to optimize your day with a motivating morning routine, how we can rediscover our passions and become excited about life again, getting unstuck whilst cultivating positive self-talk, becoming mindful and aware creating a totally different experience, what it means to be in ‘alignment’ with oneself and one’s values, and more.
Part  2 is about which mindset shifts women can make to embrace life and radiate authentically in each chapter of life, the concept of de-cluttering your life – mainly from a mental perspective, and discovering the key to feeling engaged and energized in life through 5 questions Michelle walks us through.

Notable Quotes from today:

“Women have to embrace the wisdom that comes with age.” ~Michelle Williams
“The more you love yourself and your life, the more life will love you back.” ~Michelle W

Top 3 Golden Nuggets:

1. De-cluttering helps you feel more energized and creates calmness in the brain.
2. Just be who you are.  Tap into your inner strength and wisdom.
3. Invest as much in your mental well-being as you do in your physical health.
Connect with Michelle Williams:

Journalling prompts on Michelle’s YouTube channel -> https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOvt4xybX6U6ddfDwEbQoLCssXfbb9OIy 
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram -> Yrtimetoshine
YouTube -> https://www.youtube.com/@YourTimeToShine
Website & Mindfulness Course Info -> https://www.yourtimetoshine.life/mindfulness-matters/

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