Episode 111 – How to Show Up & Get Fit For Life – Raw & Real Talk with Eden McFarlane of No Drama Fitness

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In today’s episode of the Inspiration2grow podcast, I have Eden McFarlane on the microphone with me talking about all things fitness. We cover a range of topics such as:

-> a common myth about weight lifting
-> a workout to try if you’re crunched for time & 3 basic movements you could incorporate easily
-> ways to stay motivated (Hint: Eden has an awesome idea to challenge yourself and create a little competition with yourself.)
-> realistic goals and sustainable habits for your health journey
-> how to prioritize yourself
-> virtuosity and how it applies to working out
-> becoming ‘fit for life’
-> showing up and having fun while exercising

Some notable quotes by Eden:

“Goals are like exciting stepping stones.”
“We should be creating sustainable habits around WHY we are showing up to achieve our goals.”
“I am no longer training my body as a means to an end, but for living life.”
“It’s simple, but not easy.”

Key Takeaways from today’s show:

Show up for yourself, build sustainable habits, make it part of your routine and just have fun with it.

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