Discovering Your True Self – How to Live an Authentic Life – Raw & Real Talk with Amber Paquette


On today’s show I have a returning guest.  Amber Lynn Paquette joined me in Episode 70 to talk about the importance of setting and honouring boundaries.
Today I have the pleasure of welcoming her once again to discuss the topic of living authentically. 

A bit about Amber: She is a two-time graduate with certificates in digital imaging design and media foundations, currently working towards her degree in Counselling Psychology.  Her love for writing can be seen in her self-published book entitled Growing Pains, a short poetry collection about mental health, growth and human connection.

Amber runs a blog called Live Well, which is a collection of blog articles and resources focused on educating the public on mental health, wellness, self-care and life skills.  Her future career as a psychotherapist will focus on working with relationships and couples.

I love having Amber on the podcast because she makes the discussion very tangible for the listeners by providing exercises and examples.  Today Amber explains the definition of living an authentic life, steps we can take to embrace our authenticity, how the Law of Attraction works, the 4 key mindset characteristics we need to commit and stay true to living authentically, but one of my favourite tips Amber provides is what to do if you find yourself constantly comparing yourself and your life to that of others around you or online.

Some notable quotes by Amber Paquette:
“Alignment is getting as close as possible to your core self.”
“The parts that you identify (during the process of self reflection) do not like to be rushed or forced. It’s a process which takes time.”
“Coming closer and finding your central self is an act of self-respect.”

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