Welcome May!

Welcome to the amazing month of May!

It is truly hard to believe, but we are almost halfway through 2022.

I’d really like you to take some time and reflect on how far you’ve come so far this year.

What have you got planned for May? What are you most looking forward to? What is going to light you up over the next 4 weeks?

As we begin this new month, I would like to send you a simple, yet profound, reminder. It is very often the case that we want to wait, hope, and wish for our breakthroughs to happen. However, the truth is breakthroughs don’t happen simply by accident. They happen as a result of the work we put in leading up to the breakthrough moment.

There is no such thing as “overnight success”. But, I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase before.

Results don’t simply come about without taking the necessary action steps toward the goal you want to achieve.

Have you ever heard of the Pareto Principle?

The 80/20 Rule (AKA the Pareto Principle) is a tried and true principle that can set your life up for success.

Essentially, it states that 20% of your activities will account for 80% of your results.
And, it can be applied to any aspect of your life, including wellness, personal, spiritual, relationships, and business.

When working toward generating success with your goals, the key to following the 80/20 Rule is to identify which 20% of your actions or most productive tasks lead to the most success, and then in turn, to prioritize them!

So, take a moment to think about exactly which 20% of your actions or daily tasks are creating the most success for you.

I challenge you to make more room in your life for intentional and aligned actions/daily habits as opposed to hustling too hard on less productive tasks. In a short time, you will see a shift for the better.

Reflection: What actions are you going to take that will make more room for the breakthroughs you desire and deserve, not only in May but in months to come as well?

Looking forward to reading your comments below.

As always, I encourage you to spark your inner hero and make yourself proud.

Lisa xo