The Mindset Shifts for Losing Weight Sustainably – Raw & Real Talk with Christina Hathaway


In today’s episode I have Christina Hathaway on the show talking about the crucial mindset shifts people need to make in order to lose weight sustainably. The audio was less than stellar for the first few minutes of our interview, so I had to read Christina’s answer to the second question myself.  After that point, the interview went smoothly.  

Christina helps high-achieving women rewrite their distorted thinking & acting patterns to find food & body freedom and we talk a lot about what is actually holding people back from losing weight.  Even if you are not on a weight loss journey, there are tons of takeaways anybody can incorporate into their lives to uplevel their health and eating habits.  I hope you enjoy our conversation and get inspired!

Notable Quotes from today:

“Emotions should be felt, not fed.” ~Christina Hathaway
“What you say in the mind, you see in the mirror.” ~ Christina H
“The more we sit with our emotions, the less scary and overwhelming they become.” ~ Christina H

Top 3 Golden Nuggets:

1. Prioritize a protein at each meal.
2. We need to eat above our BMR at all times.  (Christina does an excellent job in explaining why this is necessary.)
3. Confront and take a close look at your relationship with food.  Reframe and recreate patterns in your brain. In doing so, we can make the auto-pilot thoughts quieter and the healthy thoughts louder.

Connect with Christina Hathaway:

Facebook Group: StrongHer Mindset Metabolism Reset (a private FB community where she offers free training and Live Q & A’s each week)
Instagram: @fitmrshathaway

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