Overcome the Challenges of Healthy Eating

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In today’s episode of the Inspiration2grow podcast I am going to take the complication out of health eating. 
Eating healthy is a challenging task for many. People may have good intentions at the beginning of their week, the beginning of their day, or 30 minutes before eating and then fail when choosing their meal. This failure often leads to a downward spiral of negative self-talk and binge eating for some. But you’ve already messed up; why not finish chalk the day up as a loss, right?
How we eat is impacted by upbringing, self-beliefs, hormones, social pressure, stress, emotions, and so much more. For something necessary for our survival, it can be a challenging task for many. So here are some ways to stay motivated when it comes to healthy eating.
-> Keep a journal, and track EVERYTHING! We all find ourselves eating for reasons other than hunger. You’d be surprised what you can mindlessly consume in a day, so track everything and add what you felt at that time. Food and feelings often go hand in hand.
-> Plan and Prepare. I’ve touched on the importance of planning your meals and preparing them so you can grab and go. I know this seems daunting, but it is a game-changer when changing your habits and living healthier.
-> Clean out your cupboards! It’s a lot harder to make poor choices when you have to make an effort to fulfill them. Not having easy access to unhealthier options leaves you with two possibilities, eat what’s in your cupboards or fridge (healthy choices) or go out of your way to pursue unhealthier.
-> Make small goals. This is one that I like to focus on with my clients. People who want to start transitioning into a healthier lifestyle often come in with big goals. But, unfortunately, when results aren’t happening immediately, they become discouraged and frustrated and revert to old habits. So it’s essential to be realistic with your goals. Choose possible things, like increasing your daily water intake by 2 cups or eating two servings of veggies daily.
-> Know that failure is inevitable. This is a big one. No one is perfect, and we will inevitably fail or make decisions that don’t align with our goals. It’s part of being human. Failure does not, or should not, equate to a “fuck it” mentality. If you make a choice that doesn’t align, then accept that and move on. Learning to eat healthily and leading a healthy lifestyle is a challenging task. It takes time, commitment, and allowing yourself a lot of grace.
-> Don’t restrict yourself. Yup, you read that right! If you want a piece of cake, then have the piece of cake, BUT do so in moderation. Once we start viewing foods as bad or with an, I can’t have that mentality; we tend to focus on these items more, especially at the beginning of our journey. So allow yourself to enjoy whatever you are craving (a bite or a piece, NOT a whole cake), don’t carry guilt around it, and then move on. Unhealthier food in moderation is ok; when we eat those items daily and in excess, we run into a problem.
All in all, eating healthy helps us fuel our minds and bodies. It also helps us feel good, and ultimately isn’t that what we all want? Try incorporating some of the above suggestions and start your journey towards eating healthy and feeling good!
That’s my message for today.

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You owe it to yourself to take care of yourself, show up for yourself and become the best version of YOU.
In case you haven’t heard it yet today, let me be the first to tell you…

You are incredible, capable and your potential is limitless.  Never forget that I believe in you 100%.  Now, go out there and show the world what you are truly made of.
I hope to have inspired you to grow.

Til next time,
Lisa  xoxo