Tangible Tuesday’s Journalling Activity & Tough Love Talk

Can’t believe I am saying this, but it’s November 1st already.

Happy November!

It feels like just yesterday when I think back to the launch of my life coaching business in April this year.

Nonetheless we are here… and I am so excited for what this month holds for you and for me. 
I am so jazzed to have finally started this podcast, and I absolutely love creating content for you and getting my message out through this medium. 

Before we dive into today’s episode, I just want to give a gentle reminder to you.

You are beautiful
You are worthy
You are enough

My challenge for you this month is to remind yourself of this EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!
And the best way to do this is write out these three simple sentences on cards or Post It notes.  Then stick them to your bathroom mirror.  That way they are front and center for you to begin the day feeling some self love and more empowered.

This is tangible Tuesday, which means sharing a quick practice to implement into your day.  Today’s exercise is all about journalling or reflecting in case you are not yet a journal person. 
So, this is a quick journaling activity I’d love for you to do to set the intentions for the month ahead.

Reaching goals doesn’t happen by chance. It happens when you’re intentional and when you’re aligned with exactly what you want to achieve. This activity allows for the reflection to make that happen. So set aside some time today to dig into this.

What are you calling in this month or what are your goals for this month? (Bonus points for writing them down in a place you can see them daily)

What do you believe about your goals for this month?

What do you need to believe to see your vision through?

How can you create space for your vision this month?

How can you be accountable?

It’s tempting to say you have no time to do this activity but trust me you will be grateful that you did.

Now, I have a bit of tough love talk for you.  We all need this from time to time, and I truly hope you let this message sink in.

The quote of the day is, “You can either have excuses or execution.  The choice is yours but so are the results!”
The invisible factor impacting your success is your excuses.  Ouch, that may have hurt.
You know what I am talking about.
The excuses that sound like…
I don’t have enough time.
I don’t have enough money.
I don’t know how.
Now is not the right time.
I am not ready.
If given permission, the excuses you could make, would be endless.
Am I wrong?
Here’s what I need you to know…… the more you anchor your excuses, the less energy you have to execute your plan.
You deserve better.
Your vision deserves more.
If you’re feeling the tug and the deep desire to see your vision through, I challenge you to execute by taking action!
Take action when it’s hard.
Take action when your ego convinces you not to.
Take action when it makes no sense.
Take action when you feel that imposter syndrome surfacing.
Taking consistent action will change your outcome.
You can either have reasons or results- I challenge you to chose results!
It’s time to create the results.

I believe in you wholeheartedly, so go out there and show the world what you are truly made of.

With love,