The 1% Improvement Mindset


In today’s episode of the Inspiration2Grow podcast I invite you to join the 1% Club.  What’s that?  I am so glad you asked. 

Do you know what does not get stressed enough these days?  Tiny, incremental 1% improvements.

It must be because they are so small and mundane.  But I challenge you to rethink progress and shift your mindset from:  I don’t see any change -> I am 1% better than yesterday.

Gaining confidence won’t come overnight.  Success in anything we attempt doesn’t happen overnight.  Building a well-toned body certainly doesn’t happen overnight. 

Don’t be fooled by the 1%.  Just because the number seems small, doesn’t mean it is insignificant.

This paradigm shift will allow you to think bigger, feel more capable and be more consistent in whatever it is you choose to go after.

Let me outline the life cycle of change:

People want to change.  Then they hear an idea, tip or trick that resonates with them and will help them change.  Motivation is felt.  In the beginning, motivation leads to action.  This action is not leading to immediate change.  Due to lack of immediate change, the person quits.

Can you relate?  Hands up! 

This life cycle is evident in any field.

We live in a non-linear world.  In many things we do, massive changes are not guaranteed in the initial stages even though we are putting in a lot of effort yet not seeing much if any improvement.

But the real beauty of non-linear work is that over time… small efforts lead to exponential wins and gains.

So, how can we be consistent enough to experience the bright sides of non-linear effects?

Strive for 1% progress each day.

With 1% changes, you will not shock your subconscious mind.  It wants change, but it hates abrupt twists or pivots.

In the beginning, 1% changes are perfect for easing the subconscious mind into a new mode of being.

What’s a 1% change you can make in your day?

Let’s say you are trying to become a better writer.  Rather than writing a book all at once… try writing a paragraph.

Focus on the micro rather than the macro.

Let’s take changing your daily eating habits to reflect the new, healthy lifestyle you’d like to implement.

Rather than committing to a strict diet or intermittent fasting – as seen on TikTok, choose one small improvement such as increasing your water intake.

Your subconscious mind feels very scared of major adaptations to your life, but it will feel much better with tiny things you start to introduce.

Is 1% improvement fixed?

The 1% mentality gets the ball rolling.  I’d like you to picture a small snowball at the top of a snow-covered mountain.

Once you have the snowball rolling and momentum on your side, you can expand from there.

One thing leads to another, and you feel happy, pleased and proud of yourself.  Things take on a dimension of their own.  Why?

Because the brain has this think called the “Law of Closure” which means the brain loves to close gaps.  It pushes you to do more when action has been initiated.

With a 1% improvement mindset, you’re capable of getting the ball rolling and momentum on your side working for you.

Turn snowballs into avalanches!

Don’t underestimate the 1% improvement promise.  Tiny changes add up over time. And the 1% mentality can be applied to any field, whether it’s your personal life or professional life.

1% improvements lead to colossal changes.  They allow the easily rattled subconscious mind not to be rattled.

So, have I convinced you that even the smallest 1% changes and improvements over yesterday are game-changing for your success in whatever you are striving to achieve?

I truly hope so, and I hope to have inspired you to grow.

Til next time,