Ditch Your Self-Doubt

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In today’s episode of the Inspiration2grow podcast we are going to get rid of the self-doubt that may be lingering within us.  Together we are going to upgrade your mental game to ditch any and all self-doubt like an elite athlete.  We are going to face our internal obstacles and use their powerful habits to unlock infinite progress.

You might be saying, “Can I call myself an athlete, really?”

Here’s the thing…we often think that we have to become some kind of expert in a certain sport or receive some kind of athletic award to be considered an ‘athlete’ but this just isn’t true.  It’s your choice and your choice alone, to see yourself as an athlete – no one else’s opinion matters. 

I recently read an article that was talking about athletes, and they said, ‘anyone who participates in regular physical activity to become fitter, stronger and better in the sportive activity is considered an athlete.  And, I’m sure that describes you, right?

Have you ever wondered what separates elite athletes from the rest of us?  All of the ones competing on the highest level are skilled and talented, but what sets the GOATS apart from the rest of the pack is their mindset. (GOAT – stands for Greatest Of All Times)

To be honest with you, I geek out studying the mindset of great athletes because I think we can all learn from them. 

Elite athletes have what we can all a “next level” mindset.  They are constantly looking for ways of challenging themselves – on a daily basis – in order to reach the next level.  They stop obsessing over being talented or not, and instead, they place their focus on improving their skills.   I highly recommend listening to this episode if you haven’t already.

Everyone who has studied the best of the best in sports will agree that mindset is the X-factor which they all possess. It’s not speed, endurance, strength or even genetics -> it’s the mind.

So how do gold medalists, world champions, hall-of-famers and record holders take control of their own progress and level up their performance? It’s all in their mental habits and behaviours.

·         Greatness is largely mental – and anyone, even you or me, can move closer to this level of greatness by implementing the tools that have made athletes into legends.
·         Visualisation and self-talk can help you get rid of doubt and channel your mindset to that of a champion mindset.
·         Grit is one key ingredient we can’t do without and it part of the ‘secret sauce’. Building more of it will help you achieve your goals.

Let’s dive into some mindset hacks that everyday athletes like you and I can use, but are taken from the playbook of the elite sportsmen and women of the world:

1.       Talk to yourself.
Don’t merely listen to the voices in your head; you have to talk to them.  We call this ‘self-talk’.  When we are confronted with challenging situations practicing self-talk can provide us with the focus and confidence to perform at our best.  But here’s the hitch -> you have to do it as if you were talking to your best friend.  Think for a moment how supportive you can be when a close friend is having a tough-to-navigate moment.  You would likely say things like, “You’ve got this!” or “Take a deep breath.”

Remember to be as kind and uplifting to yourself as you would to someone you care about.

2.       Visualize it.
By this I mean -> see it and be it!  Many top-notch athletes mentally experience every single movement and action leading up to their competition, sometimes even to the medal podium. I have talked about this before…how downhill skier, Lindsay Vonn, would close her eyes and visualize the ski race she was about to start – one gate after the other – right down to crossing the finish line.

Visualization is all about vividly imagining a positive action or outcome in great detail.  In turn, this primes your mind for the actual experience and improves your confidence when you are actually going through the motions.

So, in a practical sense, imagine all the scenarios you’re apprehensive about.  Using this technique of visualization will help you craft a mental plan of how to overcome obstacles should they arise. We can apply this practice to life-changing moments, like for instance nailing a job interview for your dream job or completing your first ever triathlon even thought you are not a strong swimmer, or everyday tasks like your next workout.

3.       Find your purpose.
You likely don’t realize this but you have, we all have, a seemingly bottomless pit of motivation and potential which you can tap into at any given time – provided you have identified your “WHY”.  This is a core purpose, one that lights a fire under you every time you take on a challenge.

For elite athletes, the ‘why’ can be both personal and emotional.  For example, LeBron James and Serena Williams, say their purpose is to inspire children who look like them and come from where they originated from to achieve greatness. 

You can start to pinpoint your purpose any time by identifying what fulfills you and what would make you proud.

If you’re still left uncertain, try focusing on the needs of others to keep you motivated and accountable.  Oftentimes this will give you an extra push and inspire you to work a little harder than you otherwise would.

4.       Be full of grit.
What is grit?  It is the combination of passion and persistence that helps someone reach their long-term goals. This easiest way to evaluate your level of grit is to take a good, hard look at your follow-through. Do you finish the tasks you start?  Do you remember what the task was in the first place? Here’s a test for you, just in case you’re not sure if you have this so-called ‘grit’… set a small goal that takes you only a few days to accomplish.  For example, eat a meat-free meal three days a week instead of going full vegan.  Or, commit to 5 minutes of strength training for three days a week instead of going full out with 20 – 30 minutes 5 times a week.  SET A SMALL GOAL and stick with it. 

If you accomplish that small goal, try it again and again.  Maybe adding another day or another session, then another until the weeks turn into months and maybe even years.

Regularly achieving small goals can improve your grit, which in turn can make achieving your bigger goals more of a reality.

5.       Become completely obsessed with the process.
Elite athletes often rely on very regimented daily routines to keep their tasks lined up and their goals in sight.  For you and me, creating an effective ‘process’ could be as simple as keeping a rigorous planner.  Take a good look at your routine and ask yourself: Does my schedule have consistent tasks taking place regularly that I can find reward in them? Does my schedule include repetitive tasks that are exactly the same, so you can learn automatically from them? Does my schedule include an action plan consisting of short-term tasks that build or ladder up to long-term goals?  Does my schedule emphasize my ‘why’ as always being front and center, top of mind?  And lastly, are you implementing your schedule with tolerance, never punishing yourself for failures?

The last question is important to ensure we stick with our process for the long haul and ditching any self-doubt in ourselves and our efforts.

6.       Own it.
We have to take full and honest ownership or responsibility for our own progress, without excuses or blame on others. We have to realize that our performance in everything we do lies within our control.  Taking ownership demonstrates you are a genuine leader and this will benefit not only you and your efforts to reach the next level but also family and friends, who know they can count on you in critical moments and always.

Just remember that even the GOATS didn’t achieve greatness overnight.  We have to keep grinding.

And, that’s my message for today, friends.
My hope is that you start to implement some of the ideas, tips and strategies that I talk about and I would love to know which ones have been beneficial for you personally.

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You owe it to yourself to take care of yourself, show up for yourself and become the best version of YOU.

In case you haven’t heard it yet today, let me be the first to tell you…

You are incredible, capable and your potential is limitless.  Never forget that I believe in you 100%.  Now, go out there and show the world what you are truly made of.

I hope to have inspired you to grow.

Til next time,
Lisa  xoxo