Isaac Hines’ Journey in Powerlifting: Overcoming Challenges and Championing Strength

Season 3 – Episode 1 of the Inspiration2grow Podcast


About this Podcast with Isaac

In a recent episode of the Inspiration2Grow podcast, Lisa Oberbichler had the privilege of hosting Isaac Hines, a notable figure in the Oregon powerlifting community, who shared his compelling journey from facing a significant back injury to becoming a state record holder in powerlifting. His story is not just about physical strength but also about resilience, community, and the transformative power of strength training.

Highlights and Timestamps

00:08 | A Serendipitous Journey into Powerlifting

Isaac’s venture into powerlifting was almost serendipitous. Originating from a background of running and general fitness, a back injury and the closure of his regular gym during the COVID-19 pandemic led him to discover a powerlifting gym. This unexpected turn of events marked the beginning of his journey into the world of strength sports.

02:46 | Overcoming Physical Hurdles with Core Strength

The narrative of overcoming a severe back injury is at the heart of Isaac’s powerlifting journey. Emphasizing the pivotal role of core strength, Isaac shared how a dedicated focus on strengthening his core muscles not only allowed him to manage his back pain but also to excel in powerlifting, eventually enabling him to perform squats and deadlifts, movements he had previously thought were beyond his capabilities.

10:29 | Achieving Personal Bests and Setting Records

Isaac’s dedication to powerlifting has led him to achieve remarkable personal records, including a state record in Oregon for the bench press in his age and weight category. His journey emphasizes that with determination, appropriate training, and focus, overcoming physical limitations and achieving excellence in strength sports is possible.

15:25 | Building a Supportive Community

One of Isaac’s most cherished aspects of powerlifting is the community. The supportive environment, advice, and encouragement from fellow lifters have been instrumental in his success. Isaac is keen on fostering a similar supportive community in Port Elgin, inviting anyone interested in powerlifting to join him at Lakeshore Recreation on Sundays.

26:47 | Health Benefits and Dispelling Misconceptions

The discussion also touched upon the broad health benefits of strength training, including improved bone density, muscle mass, and overall physical well-being. Isaac and the podcast host, Lisa, debunked common misconceptions about powerlifting, highlighting that it’s a sport for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or physical stature.

22:36 | Invitation to Join the Local Powerlifting Community

In an open invitation, Isaac encourages listeners to join him for training sessions, aiming to create a local community of lifters who support and motivate each other towards achieving their strength goals.


Isaac Hines’ journey from recovery to setting records in powerlifting is a testament to the transformative power of resilience, community, and dedicated training. His story serves as an inspiration for anyone facing physical or mental hurdles, reminding us of the strength we can find within ourselves and the support we can offer each other.

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About Lisa Oberbichler (that’s me, your host of this podcast)

Lisa, a Certified Personal Trainer at Lakeshore Recreation, is renowned for her holistic approach to fitness and well-being. With over 30 years of experience in personal development, Lisa brings a wealth of knowledge to her role. Originally from a small town near Lake Huron, Canada, she spent 25 years in Vienna, Austria, enriching her global perspective. As a passionate life coach, she specializes in empowering women to unlock their full potential, guiding them to overcome fears, boost self-esteem, and pursue their aspirations with confidence. Outside the gym, Lisa is an avid hiker, a budding diver, and a devoted mom to her Jack Russell Terrier, Charlotte. Her unique blend of professional expertise and personal experiences makes her an invaluable asset to the Lakeshore Recreation community.