Survival Skills 101 for Life & the Wilderness – Raw & Real Talk with Dr. Teimojin Tan


In today’s episode I am interviewing Dr. Teimojin Tan, whose tagline reads – doctor, former soldier, survivalist.  He also starred in Season 9 of the History Channel’s survival show ALONE.  We talk about who inspired him to pursue medicine, what he learned from being on the TV show, some myths and misconceptions of surviving in the wilderness, what to do if we encounter a rattlesnake or sustain a bite from a venomous snake. We chat about his upcoming course, which will be held on the Bruce Peninsula (links below) May 19 – 28, 2023. Dr. Tan also shares some great advice on items we should have in our backpacks when out hiking as well as the basic 5 tools everyone can make themselves when out in nature.

Notable Quotes from today:

“Not enough people take the time to sit, listen and be part of the eco-system when out in nature.” ~ Dr. Teimojin Tan
“Purposefully seek discomfort in life and challenge yourself on a regular basis, which will build resilience.” ~ Dr. Tan

Top 3 Golden Nuggets:

1. When in nature, get connected by grounding yourself with all 5 senses.
2. Get to know the basic tools you need in case of emergencies out in the wilderness.  There are 5 that you can make yourself.
3. Backpack essentials: good plan, map/app, water, cutting tool, cordage, whistle or signalling device, shelter, combustion implements, first-aid kit (with mainly tapes and bandages).

Connect with Dr. Teimojin Tan:

Links to courses :
Instagram: @survival.doctors
Survival Course in Ontario, Canada (mentioned in interview) ->

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