Taking Charge of Your Belief System

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In today’s episode of the Inspiration2Grow podcast, we are talking about how we can take charge of our belief system and our minds based on a question I received on social media. 

The question goes like this:

How do you keep your confidence high and know you’re on the right track when you’re not getting the results you want yet?

I love this question for a number of reasons, and I feel a lot of us can relate to this situation.
So, let’s jump straight in to a mini-mindset lesson to answer this question.

When you’re not getting the result you want, you need to watch the meaning you create and the story you’re telling yourself about what’s happening.
What is the story you’re creating if you’re not getting the results yet?

For example,  I’m not getting the results, so…

-> This must mean it does not work.
-> This must mean it will NEVER work for me.
-> This must mean the strategy is outdated.
-> This must mean I am not as good at this as I thought I was.

The fact is, you’re telling yourself these very elaborate stories AND choosing really terrible meanings.

You tell yourself a story (oh, I must not be any good at this) and what you believe to be possible shrinks down and your inspiration or motivation to do what you want to do also decreases.  Then you don’t get the result.

Every action you take is influenced by this negative energy.  It also means your potential gets diminished.  You adopt an identity around not being successful due to the lack of results.

You tell yourself, “Oh, this validates what I thought in the first place; it affirms the belief I have.”

Ultimately, you are creating a negative, downward spiral in your mind with these stories. Each non-result or lack of result seemingly underlines what you thought from the beginning, i.e. it will never work for me.

So, what do you do in this situation?

You have to shift the meaning or the story you are telling yourself.

Flip the script with these 2 questions:  What else can you say to yourself about the situation?  What else is true?

With these two closely connected, powerful questions you can reframe how you view the situation and inject new energy into it.

So, what else it true?

* It’s only a matter of time.
* Every time I get better at it.
* It’s not a matter of if, but when.
* I’m going to keep trying until I make it.

AND, the moment you say this to yourself, all of a sudden you feel this surge of energy.  Why?

Because you feel like you are back at cause.  Because you feel like you are back in control.  You are in the driver’s seat instead of the emotions overruling you.  Now, you’re inspired to take action.

You, then, create a new meaning or story.

I want you to say the things that will actually motivate you.  Create the beliefs that are actually going to support you on this journey.

Let me take my beloved example of someone on a fitness journey as an analogy. 

She wants to lose weight, tone her body and gain new strength through her workout routine.  But, it’s hard finding the time each day, hard staying consistent, hard sticking to a calorie-reduced nutrition plan.  It’s just HARD. She starts and stays with it, but isn’t happy with her results or lack thereof.  She questions whether she’s on the right track and whether to throw in the towel.  The bit of confidence she had at the beginning stages of this new routine are waning very quickly.  Is it worth it?  She wants to quit on herself, yet again.

My response to her:

At the beginning of this journey, you were ALL in, fully committed to go on this journey.  You are going to see it through because every time you give up on yourself, you are chipping away at your confidence AND losing integrity momentum (I explained what this is in Episode 13, so check it out).  With every new attempt, you will have to gear yourself up again both emotionally and energetically. So, by all means, keep yourself in the game even if things aren’t progressing, you’re still on the right track.

And, I would ask her…

So, what else it true?

-> It’s only a matter of time.
-> Every time I get better at it.
-> It’s not a matter of if, but when.
-> I’m going to keep trying until I make it.

We humans are meaning-making machines.  We constantly create meaning and stories about what has happened to us and create beliefs that do not serve us.
Every time we have a new experience, we create a meaning/story that is either going to support and serve OR hurt us. 

This is where I say – YOU HAVE A CHOICE.

Flip the script, take control and shift your thoughts for the better! 

I want you to internalize this:

~ I am going to create empowering stories.

~ I am going to redefine the meanings that are actually going to serve me and send/move me in the direction I want to go.

This is what is really, truly going to make the difference.  It’s all about mindset and beliefs.

We must take charge of our belief system and our minds.

Hopefully, this mini-mindset lesson will be useful.  I urge you to listen to it whenever you feel the need, jot down the powerful question as well as the two phrases to remind you of the new, empowering stories you will create in the future.

I will end today’s episode as I always do..

In case you haven’t heard this yet today, let me be the first to tell you…

You are amazing, capable and extraordinary.  I believe in you.  Now, go out and show the world what you are made of.

I hope to have inspired you to grow.

Till next time,